Nortel Helios DC Rectifier Repair

//Nortel Helios DC Rectifier Repair
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Nortel Helios DC Rectifier & Controller Repair

Nortel Helios DC Rectifier Repair 1

Comtek repairs the complete range of Nortel Helios rectifiers and controllers. All our Nortel Helios Rectifier repairs are load tested to their maximum current limit. Nortel Helios Controllers are tested with their associated Nortel Rectifiers

Comek’s purpose built Nortel repair lab is equipped with all variants and sizes of Nortel Helios DC rectifiers, including the Nortel Meridian based rectifiers.

Our Power Supply specialists work in conjunction with our Nortel repair specialists in testing and repairing Nortel Helios rectifiers. All our Nortel Telecoms repair team members are top-level former Nortel employees.

Nortel Helios Repair

NT5C08AC 100A Rectifier RepairNT5C05CF-46 200A Rectifier RepairNT5C06CD 15A Rectifier Repair
NT5C05AA 200A Rectifier RepairNT5C05CF-61 200A Rectifier RepairNT5C06CE-46 15A Rectifier Repair
NT5C05AA-1 200A Rectifier RepairNT5C06AA-1 25A Rectifier RepairNT5C06CE-61 15A Rectifier Repair
NT5C05AA-2 200A Rectifier RepairNT5C06AA-3 25A Rectifier RepairNT5C06DA 25A Rectifier Repair
NT5C05AB 200A Rectifier RepairNT5C06BA-1 25A Rectifier RepairNT5C06DB 25A Rectifier Repair
NT5C05BA 200A Rectifier RepairNT5C06BA-3 25A Rectifier RepairNT5C06DC 25A Rectifier Repair
NT5C05BA-1 200A Rectifier RepairNT5C06BB-1 25A Rectifier RepairNT5C06DD 25A Rectifier Repair
NT5C05BA-2 200A Rectifier RepairNT5C06BB-3 25A Rectifier RepairNT5C06DE-61 25A Rectifier Repair
NT5C05BB 200A Rectifier RepairNT5C06BC 25A Rectifier RepairNT5C08AA 100A Rectifier Repair
NT5C05CA 200A Rectifier RepairNT5C06CA-1 25A Rectifier RepairNT5C08AB 100A Rectifier Repair
NT5C05CB 200A Rectifier RepairNT5C06CA-3 25A Rectifier RepairNT5C08AD-46 100A Rectifier Repair
NT5C05CC-46 200A Rectifier RepairNT5C06CA-5 25A Rectifier RepairNT5C08AD-52 100A Rectifier Repair
NT5C05CC-61 200A Rectifier RepairNT5C06CA-5 25A Rectifier RepairNT5C08AD-61 100A Rectifier Repair
NT5C05CD-46 200A Rectifier RepairNT5C06CA-5 25A Rectifier RepairNT6C25CA Front Panel Controller Repair
NT5C05CD-61 200A Rectifier RepairNT5C06CB-1 15A Rectifier RepairNT6C25FF-61 Front Panel Controller Repair
NT5C05CE-46 200A Rectifier RepairNT5C06CB-3 15A Rectifier RepairNTQA57AA Front Panel Controller Repair
NT5C05CE-61 200A Rectifier RepairNT5C06CC 25A Rectifier Repair& More