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Nortel DMS Repairs

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Comtek repairs the complete range of Nortel DMS (Digital Multiplex System)

All of our Nortel Telecoms repair team members are top-level former Nortel employees. Comtek’s Repair team are familiar with the complete range of DMS products and have test rigs for all Nortel DMS variants.

Comtek’s knowledge of the installation, commissioning, maintenance and repair of Nortel telecom products is unsurpassed in the repair industry.

Please contact us to discuss how we can extend the working life of your telecoms infrastructure.

Examples of Nortel DMS Models that Comtek can Repair

Nortel DMS 10 RepairNortel DMS 200 RepairNortel DMS GSP RepairNortel DMA-XPM Repair
Nortel DMS 100 RepairNortel DMS 250 RepairNortel DMS-STP RepairNortel SPM Repair
Nortel DMS 100F RepairNortel DMS 300 RepairNortel DMS-SSP RepairNortel DMS-XA-Core Repair
Nortel DMS 100 Wireless RepairNortel DMS 500 RepairNortel DMS INode RepairDMS Signaling Server Repair