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Nortel Accelar Repair Service

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Comtek has repaired Nortel Networking equipment for many years. Our Nortel trained engineers are thoroughly familiar with all Nortel Accelar equipment.

We are Europe’s largest Nortel network equipment repair service, providing Nortel repairs for the biggest names in the IT industry. Comtek’s factory trained Nortel engineers repair Nortel Accelar products in our dedicated Nortel repair workshops.

Comtek’s Nortel equipment test and repair infrastructure is second to none. Much of our latest Nortel test equipment has come direct from Nortel’s own test and diagnostic centres.

Nortel Accelar Repairs

DJ1401B01 Accelar 1050DJ1401B02 Accelar 1051DJ1401B04 Accelar 1050-A
DJ1401B05 Accelar 1051-ADJ1401C01 Accelar 1050DJ1401C02 Accelar 1051
DJ1401C04 Accelar 1050-ADJ1401C05 Accelar 1051-ADJ1401D01 Accelar 1050
DJ1401D02 Accelar 1051DJ1401D04 Accelar 1050-ADJ1401D05 Accelar 1051-A
DJ1401E01 Accelar 1050DJ1401E02 Accelar 1051DJ1401E04 Accelar 1050-A
DJ1401E05 Accelar 1051-ADJ1401F01 Accelar 1050DJ1401F02 Accelar 1051
DJ1401F04 Accelar 1050-ADJ1401F05 Accelar 1051-ADJ1404002 Accelar 1201SX
DJ1402001 Accelar 1200DJ1402002 Accelar 1250DJ1404007 Accelar 1202LR
DJ1404003 Accelar 1202SXDJ1404004 Accelar 1202SRDJ1404021 Accelar 1202XD
DJ1404008 Accelar 1216TXDJ1404009 Accelar 1208FXDJ1404025 Accelar 1202SX-A
DJ1404023 Accelar 1201SX-ADJ1404024 Accelar 1202SR-ADJ1404028 Accelar 1202LR-A
DJ1404026 Accelar 1201LX-ADJ1404027 Accelar 1202LX-ADJ1404031 Accelar 1216FX-A
DJ1404029 Accelar 1216TX-ADJ1404030 Accelar 1208FX-ADJ1405B01 Accelar 1298PS PSU
DJ1404032 Accelar 1213TF-ADJ1404033 Accelar 1202XD-ADJ1405E01 Accelar 1298PS PSU
DJ1405C01 Accelar 1298PS PSUDJ1405D01 Accelar 1298PS PSUDJ1404054 Accelar 1202SX-B
DJ1405F01 Accelar 1298PS PSUDJ1404073 Accelar 1298SFDJ1402B05 Accelar 1150R
DJ1402B03 Accelar 1100DJ1402B04 Accelar 1100RDJ1402B11 Accelar 1100R-A
DJ1402B07 Accelar 1150-ADJ1402B10 Accelar 1100-ADJ1402C05 Accelar 1150R
DJ1402C03 Accelar 1100 RepairDJ1402C04 Accelar 1100RDJ1402C11 Accelar 1100R-A
DJ1402C07 Accelar 1150-ADJ1402C10 Accelar 1100-ADJ1402D05 Accelar 1150R
DJ1402D03 Accelar 1100DJ1402D04 Accelar 1100RDJ1402D11 Accelar 1100R-A
DJ1402D07 Accelar 1150-ADJ1402D10 Accelar 1100-ADJ1402E05 Accelar 1150R
DJ1402E03 Accelar 1100DJ1402E04 Accelar 1100RDJ1404B08 Accelar 1150R-A
DJ1402E07 Accelar 1150-ADJ1404E08 Accelar 1150R-ADJ1404F08 Accelar 1150R-A
DJ1404C08 Accelar 1150R-ADJ1404D08 Accelar 1150R-A RepairDJ1402F03 Accelar 1100 Repair
DJ1402E10 Accelar 1100-ADJ1402E11 Accelar 1100R-A RepairDJ1402F07 Accelar 1150-A Repair
DJ1402F04 Accelar 1100RDJ1402F05 Accelar 1150R RepairDJ1404010 Accelar 1101SX Repair
DJ1402F10 Accelar 1100-ADJ1402F11 Accelar 1100R-A RepairDJ1404013 Accelar 1101XL Repair
DJ1404011 Accelar 1102SXDJ1404012 Accelar 1102SR RepairDJ1404017 Accelar 1104FX Repair
DJ1404014 Accelar 2LXDJ1404016 Accelar 1108TX RepairDJ1404035 Accelar 1102SX-A Repair
DJ1404022 Accelar 1102XDDJ1404034 Accelar 1101SX-A RepairDJ1404039 Accelar 1102LR-A Repair
DJ1404036 Accelar 1102SR-ADJ1404037 Accelar 1101LX-A RepairDJ1404043 Accelar 1102XD-A Repair
DJ1404040 Accelar 1108TX-ADJ1404042 Accelar 1108FX-A RepairDJ1404041 Accelar 1104FX-A Repair
DJ1404015 Accelar 1102LRDJ1404038 Accelar 1102LX-A Repair