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Multi-Technology Telecom Repair Service

Comtek has extensive experience in all aspects of communication equipment repairs, including through-hole, surface mount, BGA, analogue, digital, microwave, RF, and optical technologies.

The company has an extensive inventory of reference equipment for both current and legacy communications products.

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Manufacturer Trained Telecoms Engineers

Comtek’s manufacturer trained engineers have repaired hundreds of thousands of telecoms products from a wide range of manufacturers.

Our repair success rates are in excess of 96%.We also offer advanced exchange programs to keep your network running efficiently and with minimum downtime.

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Telecom Testing Equipment

We have more than a million different components and board level spares for a huge range of telecoms products.

Our continuous investment in the latest test and repair equipment ensures that our repair services are the best in the industry.

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Reliable Telecoms Repair

Repaired telecom products are returned to a condition which is indistinguishable from new.

Comtek’s repair engineers not only replace faulty components but also a preventative measure replace components which although still functioning, show signs of deterioration and could fail in the future.

Our Telecom Repair Range Includes:

DPNSS – IP ConvertersDSLAMsSwitching Products
Optical Transmission (SDH, SONET, CWDM, DWDM)Surveillance System ControlWireless Products
Wireless PBX & Phone SystemsMicrowave/ Radio (up to 38 GHz)Access Concentrators: Lucent Stinger
Power Supplies (single and 3 phase) up to 20 KWUnified CommunicationsIP PBXs

Examples of Models Routinely Repaired by Comtek:

Telindus Cellstack CentauriAlcatel 7750 SR12Marconi MSH/SMA
Nortel Optera (Optical) MetroNewbridge Main-StreetAlcatel Mobile Reflexes
Helios Rectifier 10KW/200ALucent Stinger DSLAMNortel Passport
Westell IQ DPNSS convertersCopperEdge DSLAMRedback SMS 1800
Alcatel Omni PCX Enterprise PBXTM101TM301
Ericsson-Nokia Mini-Link Synfonet STM-16Extreme Black Diamond 8810Transmode TM3000
Cisco 15454 (DWDM)Cisco 12000Ciena CN4200