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Marconi MD202 Repairs

Marconi Repairs

Comtek has an accomplished repair and test facility for the repair to component level of all elements of Marconi Md202 optical SDH, a remotely configurable Digital Cross Connect for provision of 64 kbit/s Leaded Lines and On Demand Circuits.

All cards are fully statically and dynamically function tested on our gold standard test facility with the provision for soak testing modules to ensure intermittent faults are eliminated.

Marconi SMA16 Repairs

Comtek repairs the Marconi SMA16 range of products. We regularly repair the complete range of Marconi SMA16 cards and chassis. Our Marconi trained engineers are experts in the repair of Marconi SMA16 products.

Examples of Marconi SMA16 Repairs:

1HAG60551AAW Repair1HAK60596AGJ Repair1HAT60576FAD Repair1HAT60733AAQ Repair
1HAK60573CBD Repair1HAK60596AJT Repair1HAT60576GAA Repair1HAT60733AAQ Repair
1HAK60573CCV Repair1HAK60596AKL Repair1HAT60692ABQ Repair1HAT60734CBD Repair
1HAK60573CDN Repair1HAK60596AMV Repair1HAT60692ADA Repair1HAT60738AAB Repair
1HAK60573CEF Repair1HAK60596ANN Repair1HAT60692AFK Repair1HAT60739CAW Repair
1HAK60573CFX Repair1HAK60596ASH Repair1HAT60730ACT Repair1HAT60796AAN Repair
1HAK60573CGQ Repair1HAK6059ALD Repair1HAT60730ADL Repair1HAT60796ABF Repair
1HAK60573CLK Repair1HAK60669AAW Repair1HAT60730AED Repair1HAT60796ACX Repair
1HAK60573CMC Repair1HAK60701ABM Repair1HAT60730AFV Repair1HAT60796ADQ Repair
1HAK60573CNU Repair1HAK60701ACE Repair1HAT60730AGN Repair1HAT60796AEH Repair
1HAK60573CQE Repair1HAK60701ADW Repair1HAT60730AJX Repair1HAT60796AFA Repair
1HAK60573CRW Repair1HAK60701AEP Repair1HAT60730AMA Repair1HAT60796AGS Repair
1HAK60573DBA Repair1HAK60701AFG Repair1HAT60730ANS Repair1HAT60796AJC Repair
1HAK60573DEC Repair1HAK60701AGY Repair1HAT60730APK Repair1HAT60796ALM Repair
1HAK60573DFU Repair1HAK60701AHR Repair1HAT60730APK Repair1HAT60796AME Repair
1HAK60573DGM Repair1HAK60701AJJ Repair1HAT60730AQC Repair1HAT60796ANW Repair
1HAK60573DHE Repair1HAK60701AKB Repair1HAT60730ARU Repair1HAT60796APK Repair
1HAK60573DJW Repair1HAK60702ABP Repair1HAT60730ASM Repair1HAT60803AAB Repair
1HAK60573DKP Repair1HAK60702ACG Repair1HAT60730AUW Repair1HAT61059AAJ Repair
1HAK60596ABW Repair1HAK60702ADY Repair1HAT60730AVP Repair1HBA60638AAA Repair
1HAK60596ACP Repair1HAK60702AER Repair1HAT60730AVP Repair1HAT60803AAB Repair
1HAK60596ADG Repair1HAK60702AFJ Repair1HAT60730AWG Repair1HAT61059AAJ Repair
1HAK60596AEY Repair1HAT60576DAK Repair1HAT60730AXY Repair1HBA60638AAA Repair
1HAK60596AEY Repair1HAT60576EAG Repair1HAT60730AYR Repair& Many More