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Cisco IP Phone Repair Centre

Comtek has successfully repaired thousands of Cisco IP Phones, as well as tens of thousands of Cisco switches, routers, firewalls, access devices, and other Cisco products.

We are Europe’s largest independent Cisco repair service, providing Cisco repairs for the biggest names in the IT industry.

Cisco Repair Experience

Many other “Repair Companies” are primarily traders of used network products, generating extra revenue by dabbling in a few simple Cisco repairs. Comtek has always been, first and foremost, an IT Hardware Repair Service.

Comtek is Europe’s most experienced Cisco repair service. We are Europe’s Largest independent Cisco repair service. Trust no one else with your Cisco IP Phone repairs.

IP Phone Repair

We repair the full range of current and older Cisco VOIP Phones, including: CP-7902G, CP-7905G, CP-7910, CP-7910+SW, CP-7911G CP-7912G, CP-7914, CP-7920, CP-7935, CP-7936, CP-7940 CP-7940G, CP-7941G, CP-7960, CP-7960G, CP-7961G, CP-7970G, CP-7971G, and more.

Other IP Phone Repairs

Our IT Hardware Repair Centres also repair IP phone equipment from manufacturers other than Cisco. Ask our sales representatives about our VOIP Phone repair service for equipment manufactured by: Mitel, Avaya, Nortel, 3Com, Ericsson, Alcatel, MCK and Multi-Tech.

Examples of Some of Cisco Branded IP Products we Repair:

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7902GCisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7926GCisco Unified IP Phone 7970G
Cisco Unified IP Phone 7905GCisco Unified IP Phone 7931GCisco Unified IP Phone 7971G-GE
Cisco Unified IP Phone 7906GCisco Unified IP Phone 7940GCisco Unified IP Phone 7975G
Cisco Unified IP Phone 7910GCisco Unified IP Phone 7941GCisco Unified IP Phone 7985G
Cisco Unified IP Phone 7910G+SWCisco Unified IP Phone 7941G-GECisco Unified IP Phone Expansion Module 7916
Cisco Unified IP Phone 7911GCisco Unified IP Phone 7942GCisco Unified IP Phone Expansion Module 7915
Cisco Unified IP Phone 7912GCisco Unified IP Phone 7945GCisco Unified IP Phone Expansion Module 7914
Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7920Cisco Unified IP Phone 7960GCisco Unified IP Phone Power Injector
Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7920 Multi-ChargerCisco Unified IP Phone 7961GCisco Unified Wideband Handset
Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7925GCisco Unified IP Phone 7962GCisco Unified IP Conference Station 7937G
Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7925G-EXCisco Unified IP Phone 7965GCisco Unified IP Conference Station 7936