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We offer non-warranty repairs for Axis Communications IP Camera & Video Security products. We are proud of our association with Axis Communications and their fine range of IP Surveillance Camera & Video products.

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Our Axis trained engineers and technical staff consistently provide a rapid and responsive service for all Axis Communications Camera & Video users. Whenever possible, customers with urgent service and repair requirements are provided with an expedited 24 hour processing service.

Comtek’s repair engineers and service advisers have all received certified manufacturer training; they are always eager to discuss and fulfil all your service requirements.

Examples of Axis Camera Ranges we Can Repair:

AXIS M10 SeriesAXIS 221 SeriesAXIS P33 SeriesAXIS 212 PTZ-V
AXIS M11 SeriesAXIS M30 SeriesAXIS M50 SeriesAXIS 214 PTZ
AXIS P13 SeriesAXIS M31-R SeriesAXIS P55 SeriesAXIS P12 Series
AXIS Q16 SeriesAXIS M31-VE SeriesAXIS Q60 SeriesAXIS P85 Series
AXIS Q17 SeriesAXIS M32 SeriesAXIS 212 PTZAXIS Q19 Series